Using Your BAH to INVEST

Count the Costs

Uncle Sam is paying your monthly allowance to live.

We can help you use that same money to own a New Home.

The average tenant spends about $1,200 per month for about 3 years at Ft. Stewart.

That's over $40,000

Know The Facts

Cheaper to buy - Many of the clients we represent to buy a home can purchase with about $250 out of pocket! You can purchase a New Contruction Home for as little as $1000/month

Team of Lenders - We have a team of lenders that can help you get qualified with a credit score as low as 580.

Early move-in agreements - If you are needing a place in a hurry, there are MANY options for you to move in to the home prior to the actual closing date.

Warranties - The builder provides a 2-10 Home Warranty with 2 years on the sytems and 10 years on the structure.The builder provides a one year warranty at the time of closing.

Low Maintenance - A New Home usually has about 10 -15 years before many of the major systems will need repairing/replacing.

Return on Investment - Many of our owners rent their home for $200 - $300 more than they pay for mortgage.

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