Rent vs. Sell

Value of Property

Before making a decision of what to do with your property, it is important to consider the CURRENT value of your property. Allow us to help you determine what your home will

 RENT or SELL for in TODAY's market. 

Rent Values

Rent Values can vary from season to season. Lots of homes are being vacated and rented during the summer months, but not so much in the winter months. The times when there is the most activity going on in an area, homes will bring the highest rent values. The things that factor into the value of a rental are:

1. Location  2. Size  3. Pet friendly  4. Car storage 5. Fence 6. Cleanliness 7. Updated Features

If your home has all, or most, of these features, then you can expect to rent it for the HIGHEST amount of what the current rent market suggests. Contact us today to determine what the current rent market is in your subdivision. 

 Sell Values

We offer Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) services for your property. Home values can change from month-to-month.  When determining the value of your property we will:

1.  FIND -  3 homes (sold within 6 months) that are similar to yours.

2. COMPARE -  the square footage, car storage, fireplace, and fence of the sold properties to your home. Most other cosmetic upgrades ONLY add to the "salability" of your home, NOT the value).

3. AVERAGE - we take a weighted average of the properties and calculate the approximate value of your property. (Although, the same approach is used by appraisers when determining value, a CMA is not an appraisal.)

4. COUNT -  the costs of selling. We provide a Seller's Net Sheet so that you will have a close estimate of what you will walk away with if you were to sell your home. We also, help you to determine how long it would take to get your home sold.

Call for a RENT vs. SELL Worksheet for your Home.