Scope of Services

We are proud to say that our management fees, FOR EVERY HOME, are

10% of rent per month.

10% Monthly Management Fee Includes:

a. Open Owner Portal – 24/7 access to all owner documents for the property

b. Electronic Money transfer directly into owner bank account

c. Every 6 months - one visual inspection of the house

d. Collection/Enforecement of rent

e. Accurate bookkeeping

f. 1099 at end of the year

Additional Management Services

a. Provide hard copy of documents

b. Owners check mailing

c. Re-issue check 

d. Stop Payment on funds

e. Utilities Management

f. Order Maintenance/Repair/Service

g. Follow up services for Repairs

h. Locating HOA Documents

i. Virtual Tours

j. Video Updates

k. Drive-by inspections of the property

l. Special-purpose Property Trips 

m. Routine Inspections with detailed reports 

n. No-hassle managment terminations –

o. Special HOA Signage – 

p. Extended Marketing

q. Schedule Personal Property .

r. Negative Owner Balance Funding

s. Oversee Insurance Claims

t. Tenant removal

u. Courtroom Representation

v. CMA & Tax Records

Our owners ONLY pay for the additional services they use. Many of our owners have realized $1,000's per year in SAVINGS when comparing the costs they paid at other companies.